Title: Wishard. AKA: (Wish Wizard/ Wish Doctor/ Wizard of Imagination) Speech Bubble: Why is it that those who see magic in the everyday aren't? Why is it that those who see magic in the discarded so often are? Captions: *The head of his staff is a BE-hive of worldly objects made otherworldly. *Political Platform: "Honey, you can put me in that little book of yours- in fact I think you have to... But let them know it isn't all just a joke. Tell them that magic lives but is dying every day through ignorance and being ignored." *Fliers that offend the senses or his sensibilities are stripped from their poles and woven into the very fabric of (well, OK- taped onto the base of) his staff. And so through his magic that which once opposed him becomes a part of his support. *Favorite Spell: Immaculately-Timed Confetti. *Source of Power: Wishes and belief. His power comes from those he meets willing to believe in his magic- that's why he can and must appear so magical. *His fantastic attire is made up of 97.77% upcycled materials: 24 ancient coins; 5.5LBs shredded X-Mas tree tinsel; 1 tie-dyed silk shirt once worn to a funeral by Wavy Gravy; 108% Duct Tape;.08% sequins (not the percentage used on his garb- but of total sequins in the world); all of the Mylar.