Title: Fabulous Scarf Wizard. Speech Bubble: Oh... when you've been around like I have, you learn a few tricks. Some are magic... some are turned- ha ha. You mostly learn what you need... and what you want! Captions (Top to Bottom [mmmmm]): *Knows over 15 ways to tie a scarf. Just put your arms behind your back and he'll show you one! *His every movement- his very existence is graceful. As he speaks he gestures-his long fingers fluttering through contours both obscene and suggestive; always too quickly for the naked eye to follow, and settling into a coy innocence. As a glance passes between you it is known that both of you are aware of what has passed. And though you are not sure what has been offered, you have already accepted, confident that what he is implying is quite impossible. *Clogs. Because when things get good you don't want to have to waste time untying laces. (Although he does like to get knotty.) Facts: *Biological Age: About 3 20-year-olds and change. *Source of Power: Silk and oils. *Spirit Animal: The Silver Fox. *Sworn Enemy: Uptight Tie Wizard. *Mottoes: "Two's company, three's getting somewhere!" "Never let decency stand in the way of what is right." *Favorite Food: Chocolate that may or may not have alcohol in the center. Always happy to share! *Favorite Color: Cream. *Word: Savor. *Weakness: "Thighs. Not mine though- mine are fine, as are some others..."