Title: Hipster Wizard. Captions (Left then Down, Right then Down): *Whether wildly or neatly styled it will take this Wizard an average of 50 minutes every morning to groom his face plumage; as well as multiple readjustments and reapplications of mustache wax throughout the day. *Fashion is more important to his mystic arts (and crafts) than function- so he is often seen wearing multiple layers in warm weather, hiking boots while attending weddings, and plaid while not lumber-jacking. And always, always skinny jeans. *Among the Hipster tribe eyewear serves a decorative purpose as often as a useful one. *He will never admit that his t-shirt choices are not actually ironic. *While familiar with many more mysterious and occult potions, ( of the sort that you probably haven't heard of,) his go-to beverage is Pabst Blue Wizard (or anything less than $2.) Facts: *Hobbies: Carving his own corncob pipes, fermenting his own kombucha, glass blowing his own growlers, harvesting his own honey, guerrilla composting. *Latin Name: Plaidus Ironicus.