Title: Grizzard (-or- Grizzled Wizard). Speech Bubble: Wutcha doin' wit' that pencil there? Wutcha drawin'? There's 'n ax n' sum wood as needs splittlin'! Captions (Top to Bottom): *The chair seldom rocks, the creaking comes from his bones. The Grizzard is so ancient that he remembers when the Grim Reaper was still in short pants. Resultantly, Death is too embarrassed to claim him. So he sits, too atrophied to shift his weight and rock his chair; so light however that the chair does rock when he expels his fearful phlegm. *His long johns are approximately 20 years old. Incidentally, this is about how long it's been since he was last able to dress himself. *No one would dare to disturb the Grizzard's spittoon. And so it has not been emptied in decades. And no longer needs to be. His bile had eaten through its bottom, and through the porch beneath it. The very porch that, in its bulk, has become in recent eons more his home than the house behind it; that supports him as he hastens its decay. Facts: *Favorite Word...'Whippersnapper!' *Favorite Movie...'What's that now?' *Favorite Video Game...'A which-a what?' *Favorite Band...'The who?' *Biological Age... Incalculable. *Geological Age...Approximately calculable, but disturbing. *Quote... 'Ho hee! That's a funnee 'un! Send at 'un into th' Yorker 'n I'll betcha they send ya a nickle!'