Title: Aspiring Cult Leader Wizard. Speech Bubble: Have you heard the good word of me? Captions (Top to Bottom): *Perhaps a holy man. Indisputably a holey man. *Always hoping that his first convert will be a stylist. * His posture is mockingly reminiscent of the straitjacketed lunatic most treat him like. *Cult Leader Motto: If your clothes they don't billow, follow you they not will-o. Facts: *Favorite Food: Communion Wafers coated with Ecstacy. *Favorite Musical Genre: Screaming. (Some people call it Death Metal.) *Favorite Band: UuUuU-uuU. (Note that the name of this band has only ever been properly pronounced by members of a rare breed of goat.) *Chosen Name: Uuzneon the Destroyer. *Given Name: Todd. (And ye shall have no other Todd before he.) *Patron Deity: Self. *Favorite Drink: Punch. *Life's Ambition: Get married (to a few dozen wives), have a few (hundred) children, move to a nice compound with a (red) picket fence (that those that defy him will be impaled upon).