Title: Mayor Wizard. Speech Bubble: indecipherable.* *Translation: * 'Let's see here... we have got the key to my heart... I believe that's the key to a Volkswagon... I must have the key to the city here somewhere...' Captions (Counterclockwise): * A lack of teeth and decades of drug use (continuous- the drugs have varied but he's still on the same high he started in '72) have led to near incomprehensability. This has actually added greatly to his charm as a public speaker- listeners can imagine that he's saying what they want to hear. * The Plastic Cane has been an important icon of his office since he found it in the SlaveWay's parking lot last week. But he needs no symbols- his role is unimpeachable- he is more assured in his position than anyone who has ever actually been elected. If he sets up shop on your lawn furniture you will feel nothing but honored. His particular magic lays somewhere in the fact that when his actions are explained by saying: 'Don't worry- that's the Mayor'- no one ever questions it. Or why that justifys the fact that he has organized a Jousting Skateboard contest in which he himself is a participant and almost certain victor. * Lucky is the lady that has gotten close enough to the Mayor to find the button on his battery-powered Xmas-light belt that makes it play 'Silver Bells'. * Always impeccably stylish even though he dresses as if it were still the 70's- which he believes it to be. * Glowstick pendant for late night governing. * Hair always carefully dyed to mismatch his outfit in the most garish, neon, and perfect way imaginable.