Title: Western Wizard. Speech Bubble: This town's taint is big enough fer the both us, pardner. Captions (Left, Down, Right): * There's some as say a man never smiles is a hard one to read. But all ya got ta do is listen to what the piano plays when he walks in. And if you happen to be the piano player I reckon ya'd best clear out if a poker game springs up. He'd rather shoot ya down in cold blood then set idle while yer ivory ticklings give away his hand. * This passel o' tassel don't take no hassle. * Jeans are the pants of choice for the Western Wizard. Acid-washed will do; but blood-of-the-punk-that-tried-ta-gun-ya- down-washed or beans-that-ya-heated-in-a-can-over-an-open-fire-under-a-wide-prarie-sky-washed are better. * A cowboy's boots are unique and each pair tells a different story. The Cliff's Notes version always reads something like "Git outta dodge if'n ya know what's good fer ya!" *Man's gotta learn to be proud o' what he done. N' if what he done is act in an Adult Film to keep skin from bone when he was hiding out in Pasadena from the consequence of a crime he never done, 2 he did do, and 3 ex-wives... then damned if'n he ain't gunna use his big line as his catch phrase. Facts: * Latin Name: Vaquero Ex Travagante. * Favorite Drink: 'Whisky. What a ya think? That's right. Straight. N' don't ya fergit it if'n ya want ta keep yer guts inside that purdy shirt a yers.' * Source of Power: Grits & Grit. * Favorite Historical Figure: The Duke of Wayne. * Religion: 2nd Amendment.