Title: Antique Wizard. Captions (Left to Right): * It's a very nice cash register. Of course one immediately wonders how he uses it when it is facing the wrong direction. The short answer is: he doesn't. The long answer (always the kind that he enjoys) is that he prefers to trade for stories, for a sufficiently exquisite smile, for the knowledge that his artifacts will be used by a strapping hero against the world's imminent end. The cash register is for sale for such a price. But then he does also keep a cash box and card reader behind his desk. * Oh no, he doesn't smoke! And the ashtray is no antique- a thrift store refugee at best. The cigarette, however, was left behind by a most prestigious personage! Who, you ask? Well therein lies the story. The Antique Wizard has only allowed 4 people to smoke in his shop. He can't remember whether it was John Wayne or the Queen who left this offering... and he's assuming that Groucho was smoking a cigar... and, well... let's just say this isn't Willie Nelson's Brand. * Though business is plainly booming he still manages to squeeze in some light reading and beauteous melodies. Register: FAIRY 0.67 Books: Seem to have Titles and Authors but I honestely cannot read them nor can I remember what I wrote. I think one is called 'YOOOOOOO' and another is called 'Frogs'. Facts: * Age: Even if he didn't own a store, he would still be an Antique Wizard. * Motto: 'I'm not getting older, I'm becoming more precious." * Familiar: A collection of sentient dust motes. Well they might be sentient. They don't say much. Either way, his name is Raphael. * Latin Name: Muchos Artefactos. * Favorite Animal: Taxidermied Mariachi Frog. * Method of Transportation: Prefers not to. * Favorite Color: Sepia.