I started drawing wizards on the 19th day of the 7th month of the 14th year of this century. I did not think I had the ability to do so at the time, and I am obviously still

nowhere near any sort of "artiste". Any comment, complaint, suggestion, or criticism will be highly appreciated!

E-mail: zoiksyourface@gmail.com . Include any of the following in the subject line for bonus points: dragons, minotaurs, wizards, obelisks, portents, spells.

By Post: Contact me another way for an address. Letters will only be burned ceremoniously. Spam will be burnt to heat the house. Thanks!

Facebook: hobodestiny. Let's be friends and post pictures of owls on each other's timelines/ wonder what we're doing with our lives.

Twitter: LenhardBenjamin. All the wizardry I can cram into 150 characters without resorting to runes. # hashtagjoke

Carrier Pigeon: The peach colored house on the hill. Pigeons will be fed to neighborhood owls.

DeviantArt: Hobo-of-Destiny. A reasonably standard deviation.

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