Title: Trust Fund Wizard. Captions (Left, Down, Right, Down): *Would never dream of taking advantage of any resemblance to Hari Pattir he might (but for legal purposes does not) have. *His clothing is hand-made by his devoted followers from his Harem Pants to his billow-sleeved, low-necked, chest hair-bearing shirts. (His followers are not entirely unselfish in this; agreeing among themselves that these are the clothes that best 'let him shine his inner light'. *Known to be a practitioner of shirtless yoga. *It is almost certain that at some point in his travels he must have visited India. It is COMPLETELY certain that his beard, scarf, and attitude have. *Occasionally materializes a tambourine and keeps the beat of the universe. *Everywhere he travels the Trust Fund Wizard inadvertently gathers followers. He does it with genuinely kind words and incorruptibly beautiful actions. He genuinely believes everything he says; that we are all equal, all One, that life is universally beautiful. He believes with all his heart the things followers want to believe. And, in his pure ideology- he should not be judged for being able to hold these beliefs (that in so many have been trampled down by reality,) because in the entirety of his life he has never had to work or worry because the profit gained through his parents unquestionably amoral professions he has been granted riches enough to fund his dreams halfway unto eternity. Facts: *Favorite Charity: Has on more than one occasion given everything he had on him, including his clothes- to a beggar. Bail for indecent exposure was posted quickly. *Heritage: 'I recently discovered that I'm actually part Genie.' *Diet: Cruelty-free to an insufferable extent. *Sometimes Possessed By: A spirit of generosity so grand that his parents have no choice but to freeze his account.