Title: DJ Wizard. Captions (Left Then Down, Middle, Right then Down): *Sound-reactive turtleneck. *DJ Wizard prefers that his tech light up (especially if it is unnecessary), be wireless, or, failing that, be well secured with duct tape. *Programmable Pyjama Pants. Currently set to 'aquarium mode'. *Muggle eyeMonacle *Kitchenette for all night raves: camp stove, skillet (aka Skrillex), spatula, corkscrew, toaster, and mini-fridge (contents: 40% Champagne, 22% take-out leftovers, 17% Energy drinks [emphasis on the 'E'], 21% toaster pastries.) *Custom-made light-up sneakers. Occasionally performs soft-shoe interludes. Just for you. If you want him to. Facts: *Secret Shame: Once wrote a James Bond fan fiction in which he cast himself as the villain. 'It would seem that the tables have turned, Mr. Bond. (Wikky wikky)'. *Can Transform Into: A being of pure Disco Light. * Alter Ego: Occasionally releases music as 'I. B. Profin'', who, according to the CD insert- used to be an English professor until he became addicted to pain-killers, having to produce dope jams to support his habit. CDs: *Spell Blasts Volume 1 *I.B. Profin' The Princepal Is Sound *Merlin Dervish Straight Outa' The Shire *Tiny Tim Rags to Bitches!