Title: Red Wizard. Speech Bubble: You take this beet? I have whole sack more! No, no- is only small bite-is good! Take! Please! Maybe sometime you share a cookie? Captions (Top to Bottom): *Always prepared for icebergs to pick up speed and drag the hinterlands south. When temperatures drop to the single digits he just laughs and lowers his hat flaps. *Prone to suspiciously merry eye winking and/or twinkling. *Don't let his puffy jacket fool you-beneath it lays a physique to rival any worker ever depicted in a Communist propaganda poster. *Always generous to those in need, his giving tendencies often lead him to fill a sack and merrily redistribute goods. Facts: *Front Job: Postal Carrier/ Arctic Observer. *Diet: 'Milk! Cookies! Borscht! Red Wizard needs food badly!' *Latin Name: Kringlus Socialistan. *Motto: 'Where there's a will, there's a sleigh.' *Favorite Band: The Red & White Stripes. *Sighted At: The Track, convincing the horses to unionize. *Sworn Enemy: Capitalist Krampus. *Source of Power: The innocent laughter of a child as she throws off the yoke of her bourgeois oppressors. *Weakness: Occasionally overly elf-conscious.