Title: Origami Wizard. Captions (Left, Right, Down): *While he feels that the purity of the artform would be corrupted by the use of tools- he does groom his fingernails into natural bone folders. *Knows where to hold 'em, knows where to fold em'. *Whevever possible the Origami Wizard will make his furnishings out of paper. His desk is made of stacked paper cubes, he lights his home with paper lanterns, his bed could be said to be "made"- but "folded" might be a more accurate term. He must drink his tea very rapidly before it seeps through his paper cups. If you look closely, even the Origami wizard himself is made of paper. (actually this is a decoy he's working on to confuse Paper-Mache' Ninjas. He didn't quite finish when he abruptly felt moved to run into town for some milk. Facts: *Fun Phrase: Crumple zones. *Greatest Fear: Lethal paper-cut. *Favorite Place to Take a Date: Anywhere with culture. He doesn't want to seem two dimentional. *Favorite Charity: Origami for Accountants. (Well, it looked good on paper.) *Most Treasured Possesion: Cootie Catcher from 3rd Grade.