Title: Conspiracy Wizard. Speech Bubble: ...but there is one particular issue that those of us in the know find to be of interest. Certain questions arise- and certain answers are a lobotomy and a job selling woman's shoes (happened to my friend Al). Obviously, I can't speak of it directly... never know who you can trust- no offense. But if you pay attention and connect the dots... it all comes back to one bothersome little detail... Captions (Left then Right then Down): *the local crack-pot appeared to have defaced it with chalk, drawing attention to the alleged sites of the 'conspiracies'. Covering a bathroom accessory in childish *Tin Foil Cap Used for Insulation 'Alien signals actually quite welcome' says local crack-pot. Further questioning led *local crackpot was described as "wearing a World Map Shower Curtain as a cape". Authorities say that CONTINUED F11 T-Shirt: The TRUTH shall OUT! Facts: *Favorite Super Hero: Superguy- not the new patriotic version; the Socialist one THEY white-washed over. That THEY want us to forget. *Favorite Historical Figure: Thomas Pompadour. Of course you won't have heard of him- THEY took him out of the history books. *Method of Transportation: The Subway. He trusts only underground organizations. *Bank: The river bank. In jars. *Favorite Animal: The zebra. You can trust them, everything's in black and white with those guys. *Favorite Movie: "The Secret of 'Nam". *Greatest Fear: Fluoride in the air supply. *Sighted at: The Grassy Knoll two weeks after the assassination of J.F.K. Measuring the grass, taking notes, making conjectures.