Title: Whittlin' Wizard. Speech Bubble: A whittler takes longer and longer to do less and less... until, eventually, he takes forever to do nothing. Captions (Left then Right): *Everywhere that the Whittlin' Wizard has been, you can find wood shavings. They surround his favored chair, cover his clothes. An astonishing number of them habitate his hair and beard- often undiscovered for years. He brushes his teeth with them, but that's OK- he carved his teeth too. *The first thing any whittler learns to make is a pipe. The eventual contents of which will serve to inspire him for the rest of his career. Facts: *Diet: Docta Peppa, fish portions, and brown rice (supplemented with cheese cake, jelly beans, and nutritional yeast). *How To Shake Up His Soda: Do anything that goes against the grain. *Credit Card Color: Balsa. *Pocket Contents: 1 lighter, 1 laser pointer, 1 eyeglass repair kit, 8 oz. sawdust.