Title: Poncho Wizard. Speech Bubble: Someday, if you come with me I'll show you what 'far out' really means. Captions (Left, Down, Right): *He accounts for his attire by claiming that on his home planet the bottom foot-and-a-half of the atmosphere is severely cold while the rest is quite warm. This is also why he has grown his hair so long. Unfortunately, he finds our Earth mustaches all but impossible to grow. Also the Poncho is the single greatest achievement of Earth culture. *There is an equal chance that opening his ukulele case would reveal that he has been using it as a suitcase, that he has converted it into a diorama about the wonders of mycology, or that it would prove to actually contain a ukulele. Schrodinger might also point out the probability of it containing a cat in an indeterminate state of life/death- but the Poncho Wizard isn't that kind of guy. *His basket is filled, he'll say; 'Not by my actions- but by your intentions.' He may offer you mushrooms from the forest, weeds from the sea, confetti, broken toys, or an off-putting fortune cookie. Facts: *Favorite Charity: Hats for Llamas. *Favorite Spell: Bangs of Bedazzlement. *Methods of Transportation: Transcendental Meditation, putting on skates and fashioning poncho into a sail, walking. *Life's Ambition: 'To become ONE. Or maybe two.' *Astrological Sign: Claims to be a Virgo born in June. 'I come from one of the planets in the constellation Virgo- on my planet everyone is a Virgo!' *Diet: Anything fermented or derived from a fungus.