Title: Accounting Wizard. Captions (Left then Right): *The writing utensils that he holsters in his pocket protector are variable and reflect both the likely tasks of the day and his mood. If you ever see him with 3 permanent markers- watch out! *While the infractions involved are minor, little of what the Accounting Wizard wears is to spec with the company dress code (and common dress sense should prevent most of it being worn... especially in combination). This is allowed for 1 of 2 reasons- either: 1. He is so talented and versed that only he can do the high math that makes the company appear as anything other than a mass- murdering conglomerate located simultaneously in India, Texas, and the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that has been in the red since the mid-80s and specializes not in nothing in particular- but actually nothing. Or: 2. He knows where the bodies are buried, and he is also the only one who knows which numbers to shift to maintain the company's image as a prosperous made-in-the-USA toy company. Facts: *Favorite Wrestler= The # Cruncher. *Life's Ambition= To make cents of it all. *Modus Operandi= An old-fashioned fellow at heart, when faced with a truly difficult problem he doesn't reach for a calculator- but an abacus. *Favorite Band= Rubber. *Secret Shame= Only knows the the first 18 digits of Pi, makes up as many as necessary when reciting it to intimidate the mathematically illiterate. *Credit Card Color= Orange. All high-level accountants have this. Banks know it means: 'Warning: this person understands that money is an illusion.'