Title: Carnival Wizard. Captions (Left then Down, Right then Down): *It is not exactly clear whether the Carnival Wizard is employed by them, frequents them, or forces himself upon them- but he has more tickets than you could win in a year of whacking moles. *At some point in a candy-heavy diet you realize that sometimes teeth can be held in a bit longer with strategically placed taffy. At least he decided to cut back on the light bulbs and chicken heads. *Attired entirely in garb that can be purchased at the prize booth. It's a shame they don't sell socks or underwear at the prize booth. Facts: *Diet: Anything that was covered in powdered sugar before or after it was fried and/or wrapped in bacon. *Source of Power: Grease. 3 types. That used for machinery, that used for frying, and that dripping from teenaged faces. Also, sugar.