Title: Barista Wizard. Maniacal Laughter: Mwu-Ha-Ha-Ha! Captions (Left then Down, Right Then Down): *Flair *Espresso Machine which the Barista Wizard uses to concoct most of his amazing variety of energizing elixirs. Shown mystically floating in the air so as not to obscure his fantastic attire and general air of jauntiness. * The invanquishable multi-headed monster that caffeine is; it alone is not enough to fuel the Barista Wizard. Japanese Candy is also a necessity. And those varieties whose shapes are reminiscent of a bow-tie are especially irresistible. *Inflatable shoes for speed, efficiency, comfort, and, most importantly- style. *Late at night, (or, more often, the middle of the afternoon,) when the cafe' is empty, he points the steam wands skywards, turns -em on full blast, and- and laughs maniacally. *Emergency Spare Bow Tie (in tin). Button: Ask me about my Chaw-Baccy impression! Facts: *Greatest Fear: Running out of coffee in the middle of a rush; customers turning on him when they realize his blood is 90% pure caffeine and sugar. *Ambition: 'To facillitate the the exchange of sleep for the furtherance of dreams.' Quotes: 'I'm just doing this until they give me the gold watch.' 'Coffee? I am coffee. And no prison can hold coffee. Coffee chooses to remain enthermosed.' (To a Mocha Cappuccino Abreve): 'I wish I knew how to quit you.'