Title: What's A Wizard? noun : wiz.ard : \'wise-hard \ plural noun : wiz.ards : \that's-a-lot-ta'-poin-t-hats\ 1 : a person who has magical powers; especially in legends, fairy tales, or in bed. synonyms: mage, shaman, -omancer, warlock, sorcerer, adept, sage, rosemary, occultist, thaumaturge, (no) conjuror (of cheap tricks), magus, enchanter, mystic, magician. Example: "The Wizard began to dance provocatively, and magic of two kinds happened between us." 2 : an induvidual who is really awesome at something. synonyms: genius, dynamo, expert, master, sensei, virtuoso, maestro, marvel, Wunderkind, mathlete, guru, some sort of cool customer, hotshot, demon, whiz kid, buff, pro, ace, maven. Example: " Geez, you've got to be some sort of marsupial conception wizard!" 3 : internet : (according to http://www.urbandictionary.com/) one who has reached the ge of 30 while retaining their virginity. synonyms: awwwwwww, one who is complete unto themselves, gamer, incredible wrist strength, snack food aficionado, ah who needs them anyway? Example: "Actually, in that context- I'm more of a hedge wizard. Well I guess 'bush wizard' might be a better term here." 4 : a personage, usually with distinctive hair; (especially facial hair,) who by their actions or their very nature seems to be able to do or be magic. They have been driven by their passions to the fringe- or beyond. Their manner of dress, speaking, and activities all flow directly from this drive. If wearing a flowing velvet cloak helps them do what they love then they will- of what relevance if they're wearing it at the DMV? They are the strange souls bound by private oaths to appearance and deeds that mere mortals cannot possibly comprehend. As a result every wizard in this world has been made fun of... sometimes they've been beaten, usually ostracized; yet one cannot help but wonder- might we be making fun of them because we're just a little bit jealous? That there is some small part of us that we have to keep buried deep inside to get through our day, that desperately wants to care that much about something? That we yearn to see something that resonates with our very being- something that would make us willingly act the fool just to be as close to that ideal as possible? Sure, we might say we love our spouse, our children- but do we really love them as much as that weirdo with the plush tail sticking out of the back of his slacks loves his old VHS recordings of captain kangaroo? adjective : 1 : British : rad, boffo, tremendous, sexcellent, groovatronicus maximus, supremely superb, irresponsibly magnificent, profoundly super-normal. Example: "Wow 'arry- that hat is totally Wizard- you should nick it!"