Title: Tree Wizard (Druid). Captions (Top to Bottom): * As hairy as a lycomorphic Robin Williams. * A Tree Wizard's (or Druid, as they prefer to be called) best friend is the forest. It is an abusive friendship- the kind where one party doesn't mind that the other party is using one of its limbs as a walking stick. This is probably why the Druid doesn't have any human friends. * 'Gentle' to all that reside in the forest. Facts: * Wardrobe: Everything that the Tree Wizard wears comes from the Forest he inhabits. His leather robe? A skinned buck sown together with sinew. His (thankfully not pictured) bristly shorts? A boar. His hat? He beat up a hiking hippie that was wearing it. * Favorite Word: 'Earth'. In fact since he doesn't usually have the opportunity to speak 'Earth' is often the only decipherable word amongst his more typical grunts, grumbles, and squeaks. * Familiar: A Druid's familiar is almost always a plant (that turtle is just unlucky). In particular they tend to prefer trees. Nearly any tree will do and any will flourish under a Druid's ministrations. The main requirement seems to be a good stashing place for fermented mushroom wine. * Favorite Holiday: Arbor day. Celebrates by feeling 38% more superior than usual.