Title: Political Activist Wizard. Speech Bubble: Stay ready, brother. Captions (Left, Down, Right, Down): * Most of what the Political Activist Wizard preaches is peaceful- or at least nonviolent... but some of his word choices are somewhat foreboding... * 'THE TRUTH', a self-published newspaper that he produces. The name has changed several times, most recentely going by: 'Like, The Truth, Man'. However its commitment to delivering the straight dope to those awake enough to listen has remained steadfast despite numerous attempts by The Man to shut it down by making the average citizen distrustful of paper media and angry strangers. ...Come to think of it 'The Straight Dope' isn't a bad title... * Yes, he is literally standing on a soapbox. Laugh if you like- but when the revolution comes you may find him standing on your back instead! * Fist raised in defiance, or maybe checking to see whether cabbies are still discriminating against him for obviously having no money. * Stooped, bordering on hunched due to decades of standing up to the man. Soapbox: SOAP Facts: * Favorite Historical Figure: Eugene W. Debs. '...while there is a lower class I am in it; and while there is a criminal element, I am of is; and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.' A strict adherent to this philosophy he is currently of the lowest class, breaking several laws, and if he wants a warm place to sleep tonight he may work more actively towards imprisonment.