Title: Quizard (What is a QUIZ WIZARD) Speech Bubble: What do you call a part-time office drone, full time provoker of groans? No guesses? I'll give you a hint: it is also know as a desk worker and a chain jerker.... Cmon, this is an easy one! Thought Bubble: ...oh how I wish the answer wasn't me... Captions (Left, Down, Right, Down): * Not pictured: his many tattoos. Placed in areas seldom if ever seen for the exclusive enjoyment of those he is intimate with. Sadly he has yet to get a date to solve a single clue and he now merely hopes that someday the elevator will break down and some stranger will solve the crossword puzzle on his back to pass the time. * 'What is in this intriguing pocket you ask? Well that, sir or madam... is the prize! Answer all my questions correctly (or at all) and ye shall possess it in all its glory! One warning however... in the decades of playing this game not one has yet won! And, also, I confess... I've forgotten what the prize is! Let us both hope for something nonbiodegradeable!' * Some Quiz Wizards recite riddles, others tell jokes, but all can be expected to confront you with how little you know and exact their fee of annoyance before you can pass to the coffee maker. This Quizard (when not harassing coworkers) confronts pedestrians with trivia, offering a nebulous and unseen reward. His right half reflects how he dresses on the street, his left a typical day at the office. This is no diagram, however- this is his Halloween costume this year. Despite the great cost to have it made he will only enigmatically refer to his outfit as 'Business Casual'. * There are 2 questions that the Quizard cannot answer: 1. What is the pattern on his tie supposed to be? 2. What is it that everyone else fills their life with? He asks his small questions always hoping that someone will let slip with a big answer. That someone will tell him what basic precept makes the fact that a banana is radioactive or that the word 'Quiz' Was invented to win a bet trivial? Because,sadly he knows nothing more significant than that.