Title: Rapp Wizard. Speech Bubble: Yo I gots me some spells of maa-gic that make my foes' ends traa-gic.... Captions (Left then down, Right then down): *He ain't got much money left for his threads... *...but thinks $1500 grillwork 'n custom bling'll turn heads! *Too bad his familiar is a cat 'cuz dangling strings be where it's at. *He made it his style not to tie his shoe cuz' than learnin' how he's gots better to do. *His onstage gestures are mysterious because he gets high until delirious. Facts: *1.Weight (200lb with clothes and bling, 150lb without). *2.Diet (Anything that comes in a box). *3.Life's Amibtion (Makin' it all good in th' hood). *4.Inspiration (His mama and yours).