Title: Camoflage Wizard. Speech Bubble: Up there. That's where they came from... where we failed... where they all are now. Captions (Left then Right then Down): *A natural and lachrymose spinner of tales; he bears hidden old wounds, the lost dreams of his fallen brothers in arms, the brunt of generations of governmental disillusion. Tales of horror suitable for no ears- and sometimes involving them strung on a necklace. All these things, he will say, that he has borne alone all these years and never told another soul. Just listen... *Never displays but never removes the dog tags he wears under his shirt. His and those of his fallen squad. *Never without his trusty canteen, filled with water from one of the few sources that he trusts. (Not pictured: trusty flask) *Bad leg. *Leg that never came to any good. *Hueyville Slugger (used as a cane and a punk deterrent.) Facts: *Sworn Enemy: The jagged memories that hide in the darkest recesses of his mind- like that time he forgot to wear a belt in Junior High and everyone saw his dinosaur underoos. *Current Underwear Type: Classified. *Sighted At: The Vet's Hall, having a flashback during a BINGO game when the caller lost an I-Ball.