Title: Fine Wine Wizard. Speech Bubble: Ah... The color of the sunset over Hawaii in the autumn of '72. Captions (Left then down, Right then down): *While the ubiquitous wine glass serves as his badge of office; many fine wine wizards also favor medallions of power. *Can and will tell you all about food/wine pairings. *A wine enthusiast- not a wino. He only enjoys 3 glasses a day (and 3 a night). *Immune to all open container and public drunkenness laws... *...and all fashion laws. Facts: *Habitat.....Farmer's Markets, Festivals, and Whale Foods *Age......Shares his birth with the finest Sauvignon Blanc ever bottled in Vichy. 1951 was the year, a fine fruity bouquet and an aftertaste of sweet almond. *Favorite Word......"Tannins".