magical background image with flowers runes and elements
dapper smoky lounge wizard diva
Illustrated Fictionary of Terms Abused
wizard with long fingernails thinks 'Firstly' creates 'The Beginning' with tiny lightning bolts
stop sign
fancy folk astounded by text appearing on a crystal ball
two cups connected with string, they straighten 'CONTACT'
sickle becomes hammer
a book with a face becomes a wizard's hand giving a thumbs up
flying owl tapering to a speech bubble becomes a narwhal flying over the ocean, riden by a wizard

Title: Lounge Wizard Speech Bubble: ...if I sing of nights beneath the oak through every lyric that I croak even though my egos stroked the meanings still lost in the smoke... Captions: *At only 13 she made her choice- a cigarette enhances the voice. More than 40 years in all shakes the windows, rattles walls... her voice piano grand, no microphone in hand. *Back then she did it out of need- obituaries for a lead. Still every stage and every show, she will wear only dead man's clothes. Easily she makes them fit- as she sung: "It's lucky that the beautiful die young." *Concealed Weaponry: pen-knife *Unconcealed Weaponry: voice, dagger eyes, secondhand smoke. *Greatest Regret: "Too many to list. My greatest is not having more of them." *Primary Attributes: Charisma, Wisdom, Alcohol Tolerance. *Immune to: Smog, law enforcement. *Favorite Charities: Humidors for Humanity, bartenders. *Inspiration: "Beauty, pain, liquor."

wizard house of many styles marble stonework vines shingles runes pillars shutters blinds curtains terrace steps plank siding
glass window
window with venetian blinds
magic door creaks open
ornate glass window
a wizard lurks behind a triangular wrought iron and glass window
mini wine wizard
mini rap wizard
mini sweat wizard
mini hipster wizard
mini carnie wizard
mini barter wizard
mini jumpsuit wizard
mini record wizard
mini red wizard
mini war wizard
mini tinfoil hat wizard
mini fabulous wizard
mini paper wizard
mini wood wizard
mini cult leader wizard
mini brown apron wizard
mini old wizard
mini ice cream wizard
mini tree wizard
mini wizard dude
mini money wizard
mini wizard yogi
mini wizard mayor
mini sweet wizard
mini newspaper wizard
mini antique wizard
mini cowboy wizard
mini quiz wizard
mini wish master
mini lounge lizard wizard